4 Awesome Sex Techniques To Help You Last Longer On Bed

4 Solid Sex Techniques To Get Yourself More Long Lasting!

Never Be a Minute Man On Bed By Utilizing These Awesome Sex Techniques

sex techniques-sex technique

You may not know about this fact but you are not alone, most of the fellow guy out there last between just merely 5 mins to 10 mins, depend on the situation. More than 90% of them wish to have longer lasting sex with their partner, however most of the time they crave for more and be more nervous, their sex will be shorter…

So, I am going to list down 4 simple but great sex techniques that allow you to hold your ejaculation and last longer on the bed.

Sex Technique 1) Well, this is simple, train your mind by having discipline masturbation. This is base on training your mind to stop the ejaculation while having masturbation, you can think of helping your girl to have her orgasm instead of yourself. Practice this method for sometime until you get used to holding the orgasm for 15 minutes. Then you will be able to implement the same mindset on the bed with your girl and hold up to around 15 minutes, that is around 5 to 10 mins more man!

Sex Technique 2) If you are having a super hot sex and everything heat up too fast and too much, you should try to calm yourself down a bit. Squeeze the penis just below the head. By squeezing, you are compressing the urethra and the pressure will force the blood out of your penis and have longer time to ejaculation. Try not to use this method too much unless it is happening too fast.

Sex Technique 3) You should get used to the maximum extend you can hold your orgasm. What i mean here is that you should rate the sexual arousal when having sex before you ejaculate. Try to control the rating under 8 or 7 if your max is 10. Slow everything down when you hit 8, change the position and stop thrusting for a while is going to help to prevent your blood to keep flushing your penis.

Sex Technique 4) Stop thrusting like a jackhammer! By higher frequency, you will have faster chance to hit your own orgasm, not hers. If you want to focus on getting her orgasm first before yours, you should learn the sex techniques to hit her G Spot, with slower pace, you are able to provide more sexual arousal to hers while you can last longer on bed. Moreover, you can push the head of your penis into her clitoral head and concentrate on the entrance of her vagina which has a lot of sensitive nerve ending. Do not thrust hard and deep, this will definitely be a win-win sex technique.

I believe that above stated sex techniques are simple enough for you to absorb and instantly apply tonight. Check out hows thing work and add in your own creativity. I am sure you will see some wonderful result tonight.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that by using one or two sex techniques are definitely not enough for long term sexual relationship. You must (MUST!!) try to equip yourself with more different sex techniques which fulfill every aspect of your sex life, by doing so, you are 100% guaranteed a fantastic sex life in the future, long term!

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