Best Sex Positions – How to Have Mind Blowing Hot Sex

The Best Sex Positions

That Drive Your Girl/Guy To Sexual Euphoria!

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My friend, in order to let both your girl/guy to have a better sex, time after time, you really need to figure out some different ways to make love. Different Sex Positions can play wonders here, hence, take a look at my Best Sex Positions guide here that will guarantee to fulfill your girl/guy desire, ON THE BED! This is my personal advice especially for guys:

“I am not here to sell you any Viagra or drugs to enhance your manhood power, what I am doing here is just to share you some great information about how to have hot sex with your girl simply by changing your routine (boring) sex position to the best sex positions, simple enough? More importantly, you should bear in mind that, you must keep your girl happy by making sure you will let her come before yours, by knowing the best sex positions, you will have BIG chance to let her experience the highest pleasure she is craving that she missed these days!” Now, I personally suggest you a super cool sex techniques guide that highly recommended for guys who desperately want to create the climax/orgasm for your girl! Check out this fantastic guide now! sex techniques-sex technique

For guy and girl, your intensity of feeling upon different sex positions are different, so, I have provided 2 different position here. Moreover, because our sex genital is so sensitive, hence, by a slight difference of changes in the direction at these positions, you are going to turn your partner extremely on and have a great hot sex. Utilize the ideas of the best sex positions below and find your most suitable position for both of you.

The Best Sex Positions For Girl To Climax

Yes, She need your manhood power to make your high! You know that, she knows that, but why every time even after you have done the job, she still not seems to be very satisfied? Oh well my friend, i am not teasing on your performance or how WEAK you are… You just need some spice up for your sex position here. So, here goes your best sex position for your girl to climax – Girl On Top. The reason for this great sex position to top the best sex positions for girl is because she is on top of you. And this will allow her to easily control the friction to her clitoris or G-spot than normal positions. By normal traditional missionary, guy is in control of the situation and hence the speed, frequency, depth of penetrations are fully controlled by guy and it may sometime cause pain to the girl. Moreover, she will have a feeling of domination of the whole situation, which grant her sexual ecstasy. Well, other than these brief description of best sex positions for girl to climax, I am going a little bit deeper to provide you some more ideas on how to optimize this girl on top best sex position: Best Sex Position Tip 1 - Help her to move to and fro when she is lifting herself off your penis, this will enhance the friction and the pleasure of course. After she totally off your penis, rub your penis on her vaginal lips and both of you will be amazed. Best Sex Position Tip 2 – Let her rotate the position to face your toe, when she is moving up and down, she will feel different sensation from normal penetration. Occasionally prevent her from fully let your penis to get in, let her want more and lifting her interest! Best Sex Position Tip 3 – Sit on stool, bed edge or chair that allow her to ride on you while placing her feet on the ground, this allow her to have a firm and comfortable movement and enhance her control of the whole situation. Moreover, you can rub on her vaginal lips, inner thigh or breast to make everything feel better! best sex positions-great sex positions

By applying this best sex position, I am sure that your girl will want a lot more from you, START FROM TODAY!

The Best Sex Positions For Guy To Orgasm

Well, girls who want to please your partner, you are going to learn that this position is much craved by guys because it is so called “instinct” position. If you want to have his great orgasm, you should definitely let him perform this best sex position when having sex (I confess that personally I love this position a lot!!). You know that for most of the animal species, they are having the same style of sex position, rear-entry: DOGGY STYLE position. This is a natural best sex position for both human and animals to enjoy, including your guy! Well, there is not much face to face contact or seeing your beautiful body, there are much advantage of this great sex position. First and foremost, guy has the dominating control on this great sex position, which is the similar reason for girl on top position as stated above. Moreover, it gives the guy to hit your G-spot easily, he can fondle your breast, clitoris, back and other sexually sensitive spots from behind, and even allow you to touch your own clitoris easily. Most importantly, you are kneeling before him and allow him to penetrate from behind. This let him to have a lot of imagination when viewing your beautiful back while seeing the movement of deep penetration to happen. If both of you can stand up while you lift up your vaginal to let him enter from behind while he is locking your hand, it will create more extreme sensation to him from this super best sex position. best sex positions-great sex positions-good sex positions-hot sex positions

Believe me, you are going to drive your guy crazy with this doggy style sex position and make him want you more, START FROM TODAY!

The Mistake Couples Make After Using All Different Sex Positions

Okay, I believe that with my best sex positions suggested above, you are going to experience a mind blowing hot sex with your partner tonight. However, I have a sincere advice here, you should know that even a great sex position is able to boost the great feeling when having sex, there are actually limited different sex positions for you to follow. In the end, you may find that you are using the same sex positions again and again. Moreover, most of the time, the issue of not having a great sexual life is not triggered solely by sex position alone, there are too many factors involved.

This is the reason I suggest you to explore all aspect of sexuality about each other, including:

  • The biggest mistakes when having sex
  • How to invigorat each other to eagerly make love
  • Dozen of amazing oral sex tips
  • Fun and intimating sex games
  • How to make your erections harder and stand longer
  • The best sex positions to make love
  • Unique places to have crazy sex
  • Secrets to give each other more pleasure
  • How to make sex more intimate and meaningful
  • Ways to incorporate food into lovemaking
  • The complete guide to safe sex
  • And much more…

When the magic obest sex position-best sex positionsf best sex positions fade off, you will discover that it becomes harder and harder to make your partner, especially girl to hit her orgasm. The reason is that girls looking for variety of sexual experience, not only one or two. Hence, it is extremely important to have a full bunch of ideas and tips already in your mind on how to have a great sex when you need them.

I think that you are going to find out much more about how to have a great sex (long term) in the website stated below, personally I have benefited too much from it and I never look back :

1) Great Love best sex positions-best sex positionmaking Tips Dedicated for Guy – Make her want you desperately

2) Great Lovemaking Tips Dedicated for Girl – Make him want you desperately

Last but not least, I would like to remind that there are literally COUNTLESS of ways you can make your sex more intimating, exciting, passionate and fulfilling long-term sexual relationship, rather than just explore single aspect that is to use the best sex positions that may fade off one day.

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