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An Open Letter to Men Who are Tired of Being Rejected By Women and Who Are Fed Up With Spending Every Night…Alone
Take a good look at my picture… I’m nothing special!  In fact, you could say that I’m your average American guy. In my 30’s.  A bit overweight.  And definitely going bald!In fact, I’ve been told by a few cruel people that I’m not the most attractive guy in the world!  But I really don’t care about what they say.  That’s because even with this face, I’ve managed to have a very satisfying dating life in the last few months.

I wasn’t always happy with my success with women.  Actually for many years, I was completely miserable.  Truth is… My life only changed when I came across a program called “Flirt Mastery”.

Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Matt and like you, I’ve been in the position where I wanted to meet and attract more girls.  I spent so many nights alone that I became convinced that I would end up as that creepy old drunk you see at bars hitting on young girls.  Yes, it was that bad!Now as I struggled to improve my dating life, I looked on the Internet like you’re doing.  What I found frustrating was there weren’t many websites that gave quality information on how to improve my love life. You see, the Internet is filled with crappy ’seduction secrets’ that promise you’ll get laid by hot chicks if you’ll simply buy their product.

I created this blog because I’m completely sick and tired of seeing these hucksters basically steal money and not do anything to help guys improve their dating lives.  And as I write this, I hope you’ll read my story and learn from my mistakes…

The Story of Why My Dating Life Sucked…Up Until Recently

Like a lot of tales, my story starts with heartache. A few years back, I went through a nasty divorce from my ex-wife Beth.  After almost a decade of a “happy” marriage, she left me for another guy.  Words cannot describe how much this crushed me.  And once we officially divorced, I found myself, alone, having to pick up the pieces.

Imagine being forced back into dating scene after spending 9 years with the same woman.  I found myself older, fatter, balder, and less able to talk to girls than I once could during my late teens.  My “pick up” technique would involve going to bars with my buddies, getting drunk, and approaching women when I gained enough liquid courage. Needless to say, the girls didn’t respond very well to my garbled attempts at starting a conversation.

I spent almost a year in complete misery!  Beth was gone and no woman seemed interested in replacing her.  Some nights I would go home alone (like always), and cry my eyes out.  Finally I decided that I had to change the way I try to talk to women…

A Brief History of How I Tried to Turn Things Around

For another year, I struggled to find the right system for attracting women.  While I learned a few valuable lessons, I was still failing again and again when I tried to start conversations and talk to girls.  I literally bought (and tried out) DOZENS of different products that all guaranteed success with women.  Now I’m not going to bore you with gory details, but let me recap some of the worst moments during this time:

  • Spent almost $300 on online dating sites and went on only 3 dates.  (Each ended with the let’s just be friends” speech).
  • Made my best friend’s sister cry when I used a cocky-funny” routine on her!
  • Was asked by a girl if I was dressing up for “Gay Pirate Night” when I wore an all-black Peacocking outfit.
  • Almost got my ass kicked when I tried to be more alpha’ with the girlfriend of a large rugby player.
  • Was laughed at by group of women when I tried an opener that I learned from “Pick Up Artist” TV show.

Now don’t get me wrong… these were the lower points of this period.  While I was still getting rejected by women, I was also learning valuable lessons from these experiences!  A lot of the systems that I tried DID have good advice.  But none gave me a step-by-step plan for what to actually say once I started a conversation

What Happened When Things Finally Started to ’Click’

In May of 2008 I joined the newsletter of a guy named Steve Scott.  At first, I thought he was like the rest of the guys out there, trying to make a quick buck off of my woman problem.  But as I started to read his emails and recommendations, I realized he had a complete grasp of what women really find attractive in a guy.

Just from his free advice, I was getting more digits and setting up a dates with the women I met.  Even better… I managed to have a brief fling with a French au-pair who was working in this country for 8 months.

So when Steve announced his intention to release a complete guide to flirting and talking to women, I was the first in line to check it out.  I figured that since his free advice helped me so much, his premium content would make a huge difference in my dating life.  And in October of 2008, Steve released his Flirt Mastery course to small group of guys on his list

Presenting the NEW Matt – Attractive to Many Women, But Happy in a Relationship!

The moment I started to read Steve’s course, I knew I finally found a solution to my ’talking to women’ problem.  Unlike other systems, this product gave practical, straight-forward advice about how to flirt with women and create sexual attraction.  Following his step-by-step blueprint, I was able to quickly generate interest in the women I met.

And during the last few months, my love life has completely changed.  At first I did what any normal red-blooded guy would do – Date LOTS of women.  But in the beginning of January, I met an incredible girl named Lorin.   Even though we’ve only dated for 6 weeks, I have that feeling you get when you’ve met that one special girl.

And I owe *most* of my success to Steve’s Flirt Mastery course…

What Makes Flirt Mastery Different From The Rest?!?!

I’m not going to make one of those lame promises that many so-called ‘seduction gurus’ make. If you invest in Steve’s course, you won’t be instantly able to bang 30 hot women in 30 nights.  His advice DOES work, but you have to actually get out there and apply it!

What’s great about Flirt Mastery is it provides a step-by-step system for flirting and creating sexual attraction during a conversation. You see, most guides simply tell you to act confident around women, but they don’t get into specifics about what to actually say to women to make them attracted.  Steve gives practical advice that can be applied in ANY social setting.  (It goes beyond the systems that ONLY focus on helping guys in a bar or club setting).

Furthermore, Steve’s bonus reports offer special insight about how to apply basic flirting tactics through text messaging and the phone.  He gives real examples of how to keep the sexual chemistry alive after you’ve met a girl.  (I used a specific message with Lorin that I learned on Page 18 of his texting guide)

Last, but not least, I’ve personally used the Quick Start Guide of Flirt Mastery to quickly improve my success with women.  In this report, Steve provides a step-by-step blueprint for implementing his flirting and conversation techniques.  Since his guide is over 280 pages, this action plan provided the perfect starting point for improving my conversation skills with women.

Bottom line is I highly recommend ANYTHING that Steve Scott offers.  His Flirt Mastery guide has helped my improve my dating life and has helped me meet (and attract) the woman of my dreams!

Well I hope you’ve found this information to be useful.  I hope it saves you the time and wasted effort that comes from trying products that do nothing to help you succeed with women.  I honestly wish I read Steve’s book back when I first got started.

I wish the best of luck!

Your Friend,

Matt Wilson

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