Sex Techniques that She Cannot Resist

If one thinks that his sex life is turning out to be dull, he can always try some hot and new sex techniques to make it better. Sex becomes monotonous for using the same positions all the time.

Every couple having sex regularly should try new ideas and sex techniques to improve the quality of their experience. There are endless types of positions and sex techniques which can be learned and practiced. Some of the best ones are presented here. The man should be very sensitive to the woman. She has to enjoy the sex too. Making her fully satisfied is very important. During sex, the man must not have his orgasm before the woman is fully satisfied. Not it is time to learn some new sex techniques which will guarantee a couple hot and wonderful lovemaking experiences.

Best Sex Position 1 – Enhanced Missionary: Missionary style is the most widely practiced sex position. It is very popular for the beginners but the more experienced love makers should know how to extend it a bit. In this position, the woman will be under and the man on top, like the normal missionary style. However, in this style, her legs will be fully open and free. Man will continue lovemaking while the woman’s legs move freely in the air. The free movement of her legs will make her hip dance and it will add more sensation to the penetration.

Best Sex Position 2 – Lying Face Down: In this style, the woman has to lie on her front with her face down. Then she has to lift her butt and keep her legs closed. The man will be on top of the woman, penetrating from the behind. The raised buttock of the woman should make the penetration easier for man. This position is very advanced and may be not very supporting for the men with smaller than average penis. However the closed legs apply more pressure during penetration and make it very enjoyable.

Best Sex Position 3 – Doggy style: This is one of the most sensational and satisfactory sex techniques for couples. This is the most common position seen in nature. Most of the species in this planet have intercourse in this style. This position makes you get deeper penetration in each thrust. Both of the partners should assist each other to make the experience more enjoyable and longer lasting.

These positions are presented here to turn sex into an exciting experience. Applying these techniques guarantees sensational orgasms and satisfaction. One must always practice safe sex to get a healthy sex life.

However, if you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you really need to step out of your comfort zone now. With repeating and limited sex techniques, you are not going to have a great sex.

So, I think you should check out this page: Best Sex Techniques that provided quite some useful information and guide about sex techniques and best sex positions. Personally, I think the info obtained there are fantastic, my sex life is definitely more wonderful now.

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